Current Events and Updates

Sponsorship Update, Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project is both proud and excited to announce our first full team sponsorship! The Florida Panthers of the NHL have a great foundation and they are teaming up with RMDP to provide a local veteran with a much needed Service Dog.

Kathleen Greer is a veteran of over 25 years service in the United States Army active and reserves. She started her career as an enlisted Military Police Officer, was then commissioned and continued to serve in the Military Police until she left active duty. She was reassigned as an Inspector General in the Reserves. Kathleen was deployed three times active duty and once while in the Reserves. She retired as a Major and has several service connected issues that she is working through. She is a perfect candidate for a Service Dog and will soon receive the help she so deserves!

The Florida Panthers is an extremely veteran friendly organization that does much for those that have served our nation. Their Foundation focuses on four priorities: "building the game of hockey for children and youth, supporting health and education initiatives for children, advocating for and supporting veterans' issues, and raising awareness about the endangered Florida Panther."

Kathleen was actually honored at one of their veteran's programs almost two years ago. At every home game a local military hero is honored for the Panthers' initiative "Heroes Among Us". The hero and their family receive four tickets to the game that they are being honored at as well as special recognition on the scoreboard.

Another great event was the "Virtual Honor Flight" that was held on November 12th. The Panthers invited veterans in for an opportunity to experience what a typical Honor Flight Day would be like without leaving Florida. This day sought to help those that could not travel to enjoy a day that included live entertainment and guest speakers.

We have been working with the Panthers Foundation to set up a date to bring Kathleen, Kevin Sonka, and Katie (our trainer) to a home game on February 3rd to present her with a puppy that will already have a level of training to begin helping Kathleen. I may also be fortunate enough to attend this great ceremony!

Stay tuned for many more updates to come and the eventual unmasking of this future Service Dog! For you hockey fans, take a look at those Panthers, they are rockstars on the ice and in the community!

We want to extend our greatest appreciation to the Panthers Foundation for taking on this sponsorship. They are doing great things for our veterans and certainly deserve all of the support they can get.


Dog Park Update, RMDP would like to announce the Grand Opening of USMC CPL DAVID M SONKA Dog Park in the Town of Parker, Colorado. The city has built a dog park and has named it after Dave.


This has been in the works for about 4 years and is officially going to open. The Grand Opening is 14 June at 4:30 PM. Please join us by following these directions: From Parker Road & Pine Lane, go west on Pine Lane for about 3/4 of a mile. The park will be on the North side of the road just before the apartment complex. All are welcomed and encouraged to join us. There will be a very special MARINE speaking at the event, who has been with us through it all.

Puppy Update, November 22, 2016. Over the last few day both K9 Toby and K9 Drake have started to fall in line with the training. They both have the basic understanding of obedience and can use what they have learned in most public places. We are very proud of these two K9s. They came to Scent Imprint for dogs over a week ago with nothing and now have almost completed this step of training. Their owners will be happy to get their "service dog vests" to start taking these K9 with them everywhere.

The next step in the training will be Phase 2 where we add all the "Tasks" that the Marines have chosen for their dog to help them cope, but first, the Marines will need to practice what has already been added to the dog to prove that they can handle these K9s.

As of today both K9s know the following:
Sit (on leash)
Down (on leash)
Heel (on leash)
Come (basic)
They have also been to many restaurants and have proven that they can handle high distraction environments and still perform their jobs.
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Puppy Update, November 11, 2016: Yesterday was the first training day with Marine Pups! They were great for the first time. We went to Lowes for our first Environmental training and we noticed that Duke (Snoopy) did a little better than Toby. While in Lowes we worked on building confidence by jumping on things and smelling new smells. Overall these guys are growing well and will be great service dogs! Below are some pictures of the puppies! This week we will focus on more the obedience (Sit, Stay, Heel ect.). 



















Puppy Update, October 23rd, 2016: From the “Control Room” at Rocky Mountain Dawgs Project…  Snoopy and Toby are currently with their veterans in Alabama and are settling in nicely to their new homes.  The building blocks of training have been implemented and the Pilot Program of Phase Two has begun!  We at the RMDP are incredibly proud of this progress and will be working hard in the coming months as our puppies begin the mission of helping two of our nation’s finest to work through their every day struggles.


Snoopy and Toby are only the start to Phase Two.  We are going to work to develop a program that will streamline the training of our four legged friends so that we at the RMDP can get Service Dogs out to as many of our nation’s heroes as we possibly can as inexpensively as we possibly can.


Very shortly we are going to start our first fund raising drive with a Go Fund Me account.  Our goal will be to raise enough funds to pay for the training and as many of the associated costs of having a Service Dog live with you that we can.  We want our veterans to have minimum expenses so that they can enjoy every advantage of our program with no worries.  Any donation will make a difference.  If you are not in the position to donate to our first drive all we ask is that you share this on Facebook.  Any money beyond what our goal is will go to the next puppy and veteran.


Thank you for your attention,

Curtis M. Hendel

Puppy Update, October 3, 2016: Over the last few days, Scent imprint for dogs has started working with Marine Toby and Marine Snoopy! Earlier, we contacted the Marines and spoke with them about how their puppies are doing, we also went over how to start their K9s the proper way. The marines are already taking their Service K9s out to begin the socializing part of the training. 

We are doing our first follow up with Marine Toby and Marine Snoopy to see how they are doing. We will also set a date for us to meet and get the dogs in for the first part of training with Scent imprint for dogs.

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