Support Service Dogs for Veterans is proud to present Service Dog #1a (what can I say, we started with brothers and I can't pick which one to call first!) Toby! Toby comes from Maahs Hunt Farm in Lincoln Nebraska and is a premier German Shorthair Pointer with "Impressive bloodlines with multiple champions and hall of famers in his pedigree"! Back the Blue K-9 Force donated funds to get hiim into the Puppy Project. Toby has gone from Nebraska to Alabama and has been paired with a Marine Corps Veteran. He made the trip on September 16th at the tender age of 14 weeks. After a couple of weeks with his veteran Toby was sent to Scent Imprint For Dogs in Georgia for concentrated training on October 2nd, 2016. Toby will certainly be a game changer and will bring a greater quality of life to his Marine! Good Luck Toby, we will see you again soon!
Update: Our young Toby, a phenomenal German Shorthair Pointer, has undertaken some changes in direction to his young life.  Toby’s first veteran, a United States Marine, took a job driving truck and Toby did not take kindly to sitting in a cab all day.  So when our veteran made the call our program made a change.  The Marine is now listed with Koda, but Toby is now with his Forever Veteran, Steve Brown of Jacksonville, Florida.  The bond between Steve and Toby took very quickly, and training moved about as fast.  I got to see them in action recently and Toby is an absolute Rock Star with Steve.  He amazed me with is capabilities to help.
On February 3rd, as we were celebrating the new team of Kathleen and Bo, Steve and Toby were in attendance at the Florida Panthers hockey game.  Unbeknownst to Steve, our founder Kevin Sonka had another little gem up his sleeve.  Shortly after the presentation of the check to Kevin, we again went live to celebrate Toby being officially certified as a bonafide Service Dog, training complete!
This certification makes Toby and Steve our first certified Service Dog Team!
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